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Properties and relations in galaxies


Are global properties and relations in galaxies a mirror of local ones?
Sebastián Sánchez – Instituto de Astronomía, UNAM.

The first property that was discovered from galaxies was that they are resolved entities. Despite that evidence, and the fact that galaxies present gradients in almost all of their properties, most of the scaling or evolutionary relations, and in general, all their properties are described for integrated or global quantities: the Tully–Fisher (TF) relation, Faber–Jackson (FJ) relation, mass-metallicity (MZ) relation, star formation main sequence (SFMS), stellar-population bimodality,… We propose here that most of these relations and properties emerge from local (1 kpc sca le) ones, and that the galaxy evolution (star formation rate SFR, history SFH, chemical enrichment) is dominated by local processes with patterns that are similar for different galaxies and within them. In particular, we explore three relations/properties: the SFMS, the MZ-relation and the stellar population bimodality, and demonstrate the enormous potential of Integrated Field Spectroscopy in the study of galaxy evolution.


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